Martha Silano


Cruciferae from crucifix
this purple epistolary
this white crustacean
running down the middle
this spider in a web
my son keeps asking
to lift him up to see
show me that web
though when I do
it's gone crawled off
but this one's still
and always not
to somewhere else
it is something like wine
a merlot a burgundy
it is something like
a bruise beneath
the eye vulnerable
capillaries at the back
of the knee it didn't exactly
yield but had to be split
with a cleaver I'm not sure
I'm the intended reader
also something of a blush
a beet-like remembering
also the ragged edge
of unfurling leaf

Martha Silano can be found online at Beloit Poetry Journal, CrossConnect, Switched-on Gutenburg, Tarpaulin Sky, Crab Creek Review, and elsewhere. She also has work at at Literary Salt. She is a teacher both at Edmonds CC and as a Writer in the Schools in Seattle.